Maria Pó is a ceramic studio established in  Portugal
                  by Elsa Rodrigues and Jacek Piątkiewicz.
                  It is known for it's unique handmade
                  ceramic figures
named Pasmadinhos,
                  often painted with colorful glazes.

1. How is it made?
All the pieces are handmade by Elsa and Jacek. Made out of clay, they take a few days or weeks to dry. Then we put them in a kiln at 1000ºC to 1200ºC. After painting and glazing they go for a second round in the kiln and, hopefully, come out ready to go to the shop.

2. Are the utility pieces food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe?
The utility pieces are food safe, unless specified otherwise, microwave and dishwasher as well.
3. What are the sizes of each piece?
You can find the approximate sizes in the description of each piece.
4. Do you accept returns or refunds?
No. We make sure the products leave our shop carefully and well packed. If an item arrives broken or damaged the only thing we can do is fill a complaint to the transportation company. In that case, please send an email to [email protected] with photos of the damaged product.
5. Is international shipping available?
Yes, it is! We ship worldwide :-)
Though we are not responsible for taxes and import duties.

Most orders will arrive within 4-8 business days. Note that during holidays (e.g. Black Friday, Christmas), delivery times might be longer.

6. Is the packaging safe?
We pack each item with all possible care. All the items are wrapped in bubble paper and nested in double layered cardboard boxes produced for the purpose.

7. What is the shipping process?
After you buy an item, we start the packing process. We take it to the post office as son as we can and put the package through registered mail, so you can track the items. Some delays may occure. We are not responsible for taxes and import duties.

8. Who is the team? :-)
Elsa Rodrigues and Jacek Piatkiewicz are the makers and authors of the well known Pasmadinhos and other ceramic pieces.
Rafael Piatkiewicz is the one who will greet you behind the counter at Maria Pó's Shop, Rua Arronches Junqueiro 79 in Setúbal, Portugal.
Flávia Rodrigues Piatkiewicz is the brand designer. Takes care of the photos, manages the social media and answers to some of your messages. Flávia also makes ceramic brooches.
Gabi, the distractor.
Jeremias, the quality controller.